I-MPACT is the first BCBSM collaborative to formally require participation from both hospital and physician organization (PO) leadership.

• A single cluster must contain one hospital and one or more POs.

• Each Hospital/PO cluster will include at least two patients or a patient and a family/caregiver from the target population on the in a participatory role on the initiative team.

• Each Hospital/PO cluster will select a target population for care transition improvement efforts.

Target populations available for selection

• Congestive Heart Failure

• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

• Skilled Nursing Facility

Useful and Practical

• Collaborative structure, processes, and outcomes need to be useful and practical in helping participants solve issues and challenges that they are facing in their care transition improvement work.

• The collaborative needs to be a forum for real-world problem-solving.


• Collaborative participants and leadership together will be accountable to deliverables and timelines established.

• Any changes to deliverables and timelines will be made as a group and communicated transparently.


• Collaborative participants and leadership together will shape the interventions and measurement systems that the collaborative will implement.

• All parts of collaborative execution will involve participant feedback and input.

Patient-centered and patient-inclusive

• The voice of the patient/family will be part of the collaborative advisory and participant structures.

• Interventions proposed will have patient/family input, understanding, and support.

• Measures of success will be meaningful to patients and families.