Project Design

Eligibility criteria to participate in I-MPACT:

  • Develop a local team (cluster) comprised of at least:
      • 1 hospital
      • 1 or more provider organizations (PO)
      • 2 patient advisers or 1 patient adviser and 1 caregiver adviser
  • Complete and sign a commitment statement with I-MPACT
  • Identify cluster leadership and select an administrative lead to maintain communication between participants and the coordinating center
  • Select a target population as a focus
  • Hire a project associate (.5 FTE)
  • Attend an I-MPACT Kick-off event

Site expectations for successful participation:

  • Within 2 months following the Kick-off select three initial interventions
  • Within 3 months of Kick-off submit QI log
  • Participation from each site on each monthly conference call
  • Participation from each site at all tri-annual collaborative wide meetings
  • Data collection from admission to discharge 
  • Collaborate with the coordinating center
  • Collaborate with other participating sites